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Redcode Manics Tournament Round 1

Round 1: Rules, results, comments


The specification for Round 1 is:

Max processes8000
Duration80000 cycles
Max entry length50
Min distance between warriors50
Rounds fought200
Instruction setRedcode '94 Draft
Battle methodOne-on-one all fights all (without self fights)
Scoring methodWin: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

The deadline for entries was Mon 26 Jan 1998 23:59:59 MET (GMT+1).


Tornado 4Beppe Bezzi4005100.0
Silver Talon 1.3Edgar381495.2
No IdeasIlmari Karonen371592.8
traumatic smurfBjörn Günzel368892.0
Phantasm 50Robert Macrae358889.6
testJohn K. Wilkinson355288.7
Funky MonksDavid Moore354988.6
Kiss the Fish Babe!Paul Kline334483.5
Enceladus v5Ryan Coleman323580.8
Impfinity v4g1-nodecoyPlanar291572.8
KnightmlreRobert Hale288272.0
archangelJohn K. Lewis264266.0
Tornado -1.0George Eadon251262.7


The idea of this round was to be fairly standard, but to be different from all the Q^2 scanners and large pspacers which were dominating the '94 Draft Hill at this time.

I think that this was fairly successful, with the top three components being Beppe Bezzi with his old favourite, Tornado, and Edgar with his "depressingly ineffective" Silver Talon 1.3 and a simple pspacer from Ilmari Karonen. The most complex pspacer of the round, Paul Kline's Kiss the Fish Babe!, didn't do that well, despite similar warriors doing very well on the Hill.

This round was generally a success for the established players, with the newer players coming in towards the bottom. However, this round was perhaps the most conventional, and so the beginners may well do better in later rounds.

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