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Redcode Manics Tournament Round 2

Round 2: Rules, results, standings, comments


The specification for Round 2 is:

Max processes8
Duration80000 cycles
Max entry length200
Min distance between warriors200
Rounds fought200
Instruction setRedcode '94 Draft
Battle methodOne-on-one all fights all (without self fights)
Scoring methodWin: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

The deadline for entries was Fri 6 Feb 1998 23:59:59 MET (GMT+1).


LP and Feelin' Fine.John K Wilkinson5104100.0
Snake PitDavid Moore471492.4
IncisiveRobert Macrae452788.7
BeanbagPaul Kline446787.5
Recycled paperBeppe Bezzi399578.3
life is shortPlanar361470.8
Qwill v3Ryan Coleman334465.5
skinnerJohn K Lewis332665.2
5p beta 2.3 lpBjörn Günzel305059.8
Silver Talon 1.3Edgar276054.0
MultitudeRobert Hale213041.7
LP-Paper 4George Eadon197338.7
No TimeIlmari Karonen132025.9


John K Wilkinson188.7
David Moore181.0
Robert Macrae178.3
Beppe Bezzi178.3
Paul Kline171.0
Björn Günzel151.8
Ryan Coleman146.3
John K Lewis131.1
Ilmari Karonen118.6
Robert Hale113.7
George Eadon101.4


John K Wilkinson's clear win with LP and Feelin' Fine. (a pspacer combining the top two warriors from the LP Hill with an 8 process, 3 point imp spiral) sees him jump to the top of the leaderboard with a six point lead. David Moore's good result sends him into second place, above first round leader Beppe Bezzi and Robert Macrae.

This round saw vampires doing well for the first time for a while, with Snake Pit and Incisive both featuring some vamp ability.

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