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Redcode Manics Tournament Round 5

Round 5: Rules, results, standings, comments


The specification for Round 5 is:

Max processes8000
Duration80000 cycles
Max entry length100
Min distance between warriors100
Rounds fought200
Instruction setRedcode '88 Standard
Battle methodOne-on-one all fights all (without self fights)
Scoring methodWin: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

The deadline for entries was Mon 9 Mar 1998 23:59:59 GMT.


Foggy swampBeppe Bezzi4296100.0
Freight TrainDavid Moore425799.1
MyHeremPaperJohn K W370086.1
Kitchen Sink IIRobert Macrae359983.8
Hail StormRobert Hale358783.5
VortexIlmari Karonen344780.2
FroglegsJohn Lewis333077.5
Quick and DirtyPlanar325575.8
Dandelion CitadelSimon Wainwright271363.2
SNOWMAN v3.15John Metcalf254059.1
Rusty Old Scissors v4Ryan Coleman249258.0
Shoot from the hipWolfWings227853.0
Dwarf 4saCompudemon179441.8
(no entry)George Eadon00.0
(no entry)Edgar00.0
(no entry)Björn Günzel00.0
(no entry)Paul Kline00.0

The results of all the individual battles are available here.


David Moore470.9
Robert Macrae462.1
Beppe Bezzi461.2
John K Wilkinson453.4
Ryan Coleman378.4
Paul Kline361.6
Robert Hale359.3
Ilmari Karonen356.2
John K Lewis337.7
Björn Günzel179.5
George Eadon139.3
John Metcalf136.0
Simon Wainwright63.2


Beppe Bezzi was pessimistic about his chances with Foggy swamp, but came through to win, just ahead of David Moore, whose Freight Train steamed its way into a very close second place, which combined with Robert Macrae's fourth place, sent Moore to the top of the leaderboard, with a nine point lead over Bezzi and Macrae.

This round saw the introduction of the Q^2 scan into '88, with both Moore and Macrae's Kitchen Sink II and using one. Will this make an impact on the '88 Hill in the near future?

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