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Redcode Manics Tournament Round 6

Round 6: Rules, results, standings, comments


The specification for Round 6 is:

Max processes8000
Duration80000 cycles
Max entry length100
Min distance between warriors100
Rounds fought200
Instruction setRedcode '94 Draft
Battle methodEach warrior fights the ten specified warriors
Scoring methodWin: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

The warriors to be fought are:

Download the warriors as a .zip file [9382 bytes]

The deadline for entries was Thu 19 Mar 1998 23:59:59 GMT.


SnowDustPaul Kline4419100.0
kill -9David Moore371984.2
Paper :-)Ian Oversby358781.2
Demented 4.0Robert Macrae358781.2
WhateverIlmari Karonen356080.6
Stone Killer 5.22John K Wilkinson339576.8
dodgerBeppe Bezzi325973.7
Recycled PaperPlanar325173.6
Best of the bestCompudemon302668.5
Standing on GiantsRobert Hale294066.5
P^2Anders Rosendal249156.4
5p beta 2.3 lpBjörn Günzel223150.5
FailureJohn Metcalf213848.4
Ghost in the coreEdgar194243.9
FroglegsJohn K Lewis166937.8
Murky+15%Simon Wainwright163537.0
LP-Paper 4George Eadon152334.5
Rusty Old Scissors v4Ryan Coleman133830.3
InfernoJosh Yeager125028.3

The results of the individual battles are available here.


David Moore555.1
Robert Macrae543.2
Beppe Bezzi535.0
John K Wilkinson530.2
Paul Kline461.6
Ilmari Karonen437.4
Robert Hale425.8
Ryan Coleman408.7
John K Lewis375.5
Björn Günzel230.0
John Metcalf184.4
George Eadon173.8
Simon Wainwright100.2
Ian Oversby81.2
Anders Rosendal56.4
Josh Yeager28.3


Paul Kline won this round by a clear 15 points with his SnowDust, which was the only submitted warrior to take advantage of the known boot distances of all the warriors. David Moore's third successive second place stretches his advantage at the top of the leaderboard by another three points.

Bomb dodgers were by far the most popular strategy this round, with Moore, Ian Oversby, Ilmari Karonen, John K Wilkinson and Beppe Bezzi all using them in one form or another.

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