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Redcode Manics Tournament Round 7

Round 7: Rules, results, standings, comments


The specification for Round 7 is:

Max processes8000
Duration80000 cycles
Max entry length100
Min distance between warriors100
Rounds fought200
Instruction setRedcode '94 Draft
Battle methodOne-on-one all fights all (without self fights)
Scoring methodWin: 1 points
Tie: 0 point
Loss: 0 points

The deadline for entries was Mon 30 Mar 1998 23:59:59 BST (GMT+1).


Three MusketeersRobert Macrae2012100.0
Recycled Bits--David Moore193696.2
ProbeJohn K Wilkinson185091.9
SmartyIlmari Karonen183991.4
Spring TidesIan Oversby181490.2
Alladin's RingPaul Kline175987.4
qbomber v .569Ryan Coleman170384.6
Interlaced 0Planar167083.0
Tornado 4Beppe Bezzi165882.4
cuteJohn K Lewis165482.2
LeatherNeckRobert Hale164381.7
InvisigothAnders Rosendal163181.1
Ghost in the CoreEdgar137668.4
5p beta 2.3 lpBjörn Günzel112255.8
LP-Paper 4George Eadon87143.3
Best of the bestCompudemon84041.7
Kobald KillerSimon Wainwright63131.4
BubblesJohn Metcalf62731.2
(disqualified)Josh Yeager00.0

The full results can be found here, whilst the reasons for Josh Yeager's disqualification can be found here.


David Moore651.3
Robert Macrae643.2
John K Wilkinson622.1
Beppe Bezzi617.4
Paul Kline549.0
Ilmari Karonen528.8
Robert Hale507.4
Ryan Coleman493.3
John K Lewis457.7
Björn Günzel285.8
George Eadon217.1
John Metcalf215.5
Ian Oversby171.3
Anders Rosendal137.4
Simon Wainwright131.5
Josh Yeager28.3


For the fourth successive round, David Moore was in second place, but this time the winner's spot was taken by Robert Macrae with Three Musketeers, closing the gap at the top of the leaderboard to under ten points. The battle for the Tournament now looks like a straight fight between these two.

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