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Redcode Manics Tournament Round 8

Round 8: Rules, results, standings, comments


The specification for Round 8 is:

Max processes8000
Duration80000 cycles
Max entry length100
Min distance between warriors100
Rounds fought200
Instruction setRedcode '94 Draft
Battle methodEach warrior fights the ten specified warriors
Scoring methodWin: 3 points
Tie: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

The warriors to be fought are:

Download the warriors as a .zip file [11634 bytes]

The deadline for entries was Wed 8 Apr 1998 23:59:59 BST (GMT+1).


Robert MacraeAlmost the Last One4378100.0
David MooreMind Writer429098.0
Paul KlineAl's Cave362382.8
Ian OversbyReindeer331975.8
PlanarSmall graft310170.8
Anders RosendalInvisigoth290966.4
Robert HaleThe Paperboy and his silver bullet287865.7
John K WilkinsonProbe264560.4
Beppe BezziTornado 4260859.6
Ilmari KaronenSmarty237954.3
Bjoern Guenzel5p beta 2.3 lp221350.5
Ryan Colemanp-U v.4200445.8
John K Lewiscute197945.2
EdgarGhost in the core194444.4
CompudemonBest of the best136831.2
George EadonLP-Paper 4118327.0
Simon WainwrightKobald Killer111925.6
Josh YeagerInferno110725.3
John MetcalfBubbles96522.0

The results of the individual battles are available here.


David Moore749.3
Robert Macrae743.2
John K Wilkinson682.6
Beppe Bezzi677.0
Paul Kline631.7
Ilmari Karonen583.1
Robert Hale573.2
Ryan Coleman539.1
John K Lewis502.9
Bjoern Guenzel336.3
Ian Oversby247.1
George Eadon244.1
John Metcalf237.6
Anders Rosendal203.9
Simon Wainwright157.1
Josh Yeager53.6


If you've been reading these comments, it won't take too much intelligence to work out where David Moore came: second (for the fifth consecutive round!!). Once again though, Robert Macrae again came in first, meaning that Moore's lead has been halved over the previous two rounds. However, Round 9 will be the last round, so Macrae will need a good performance to take the title.

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