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Philip Kendall - 00Cavendish - The Cavendish Secret Service

Disclaimer: any resemblance to any persons living or dead is purely coincidental :-)


Within the Cavendish Laboratory, the home of the Department of Physics of the University of Cambridge, there is a secret organization dedicated to fighting international terrorism. Its top agent is James Bond, more commonly known by his codename, 00Cavendish.

The Man with the Golden Rule

Ever since the British Government devolved powers to Scotland and Wales in the late 1990s, various international terror groups have been sponsoring Cornwall has exceptional men: independence soon via terrorism and robbery (Chemistry), a group dedicated to obtaining independence for Cornwall and thus destabilising Great Britain, Europe and the whole world. 00Cavendish has been assigned to remove Chemistry's evil leader, Ernst Bloefeld.

Da good guys

Da bad guys

Da other guys

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Intelligence Reports

The Cavendish's extensive espionage network has once again been at work, and has determined some of the tactics which Chemistry has developed for its evil purposes:

Closing Credits

Anthony Lasenby will return as James Bond in You Only Differentiate Twice

Previous James Bond films still available from Cavendish Films:

From Russia With Incredibly Difficult Maths
Electrons Are Forever
Excite and Let Decay
A View Through A Telescope
Never Say Trivial Again
The Compton Scattered Daylights
Licence To Sell Intoxicating Liquor In The Cavendish Canteen
100 GeV Is Not Enough

Random final comment

The problem with the Cavendish is that there are too many Qs and not enough Bond girls. Discuss.

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