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Philip Kendall - Configuring Exceed

Note: this page is somewhat out of date, especially now that Thor has closed down. However, some of the information on it may be useful, so I'll leave it up. It was originally written in early 1998.

This is a quick guide to configuring Exceed, basically for Cambridge undergraduate physicists using Thor as their server; however, some of this may be applicable even if you don't fit into that category.

By the time you've done your Part II Computing Project, you're probably quite fed up with the pretty horrible interface offered by Exceed. However, it is possible to make it look a lot nicer without too much work, and as people keep asking me how to do it, I decided I'd write this page to help out. The basic steps are:

Hopefully, this will get you up and running; if you have any futher suggestions for useful additions to this page (or you don't understand something), please mail me.

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