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Philip Kendall - The Hunter Rouse Drinking Game

2001/07/06: This page is officially "Instructional Material", according to the Fluids Lab at the University of Iowa.
2001/04/05: Hmmm... somebody apparently thinks this page is serious!
2000/09/29: This page (at its old URL) featured in the 29 September 2000 edition of NTKnow! (Thanks to Matthew Bloch for the plug).

This page is probably only relevant if you are going to watch the Fluid Mechanics videos made by Hunter Rouse at the Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research, part of the University of Iowa.

(I was introduced to these fantastic videos during the Part II Physics lectures at the University of Cambridge on Fluid Dynamics, given by Professor Mark Warner.)

These rules were made up by Simon Clay, Dan Hatton, Matthew Whelan and myself.

One finger fines

Two finger fines

Three finger fines

Four finger fines

Special fines

Please send any more rules to me.

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