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World of Spectrum is a fantastic resource, which contains lots of games. As is the way with any archive like this, not all of these games have their associated instructions, which can make them slightly tricky to play. This is a first attempt to increase the number of games which have instructions, for which your help is needed.

Which games do you need?

In actual fact, there are quite a lot of games on WoS which don't have instructions. However, I don't want to look through a huge list of games, a large number of which I've never heard of and (to be honest) don't care that much about, and I'm guessing you don't want to either. Hence we'll start by concentrating on the most popular games, as defined by whichever were the top 50 games without instructions as voted for by WoS's vistors. Those games for which we don't currently have instructions are:

What do I do now?

If you have any of the games listed above (or even any other ones for which there aren't currently instructions on WoS; you can check whether instructions are available for any game by using Sinclair Infoseek), please consider typing up the instructions and making them available for everybody else to enjoy.

Even if you don't have any of the 'priority' games listed above, there are normally some scans available on WoS which you could OCR and/or type up if you're feeling generous.

If it's possible to get the instructions into simple ASCII text (time to practice those ASCII art skills?), that's generally the best format as it's useable by everybody everywhere and is also produces nice small files. Some instructions may have diagrams or the like which really can't be represented in ASCII; in this case, try scanning in the diagrams, whilst getting as much as possible into ASCII, giving one text file and one graphics file with the diagrams. Another possibility if you have the capability to create it would be to create a PDF file combining the text and the graphics, but it would still be great if you could also produce a text file containing as much of the instructions as possible.

If you can't get the instructions into some form of text format, scanning them in and sending them to us would at least let somebody else with too much spare time have a go at converting them to text, so that would also be appreciated (although obviously not as much as giving us finished files!).

Note that the Instructions Project isn't really looking for things like hints, cheats and pokes for a game. However, The Tipshop would be delighted if you uploaded that sort of thing!

What do I do with my typed up files?

Please mail them to me so I can mark them as 'done' so other people don't waste their time duplicating your hard work. If you want to, you could upload them to WoS yourself, or I can easily do it if you don't want to.

Thanks for reading this far, and lots and lots of thanks if you help us to improve WoS yet further.

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